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    - Frequently Asked Questions -

    (403) 245-0533 / (403) 651-9049

    Q - I have never used a PI before - how does it work?

    A - In a nutshell, you describe to us what sort of situation concerns you.

    Then we will either meet, or continue the discussion over the phone or via e-mail. We will then come to a general agreement of a "ball park" cost to accomplish your professional investigative objective. Next we ask for a Client Agreement to be signed and for clients from the general public, we ask for a retainer.

    Q - Why do we have to sign a Client Agreement?

    A - During the course of an investigation, we are digging out information & observing activities about individuals and / or businesses. We must have documentation at all times to demonstrate that the work we are doing is for professional purposes and is completely legitimate.

    Q - Why do we have to pay a retainer?

    A - Past experience dictates that we take a retainer from the general public to ensure our new client will remain committed during the course of the Investigation.

    Q - Is there a guarantee of results if I use Rainbow Investigations?

    A - While we do not guarantee any particular result from an investigation, we can say that the vast majority of our clients do get their investigative needs answered by our services.

    Q - Do you have satisfied customers we can talk to?

    A - Absolutely - just ask us, we will be more than happy to provide you with a list of satisfied clients that you can contact.

    Q - Based on some recent stories in the media from Alberta, it seems that PI's in Alberta will do just about any type of investigation that comes to them!  Are there any guidelines about what files are appropriate for investigative agencies to take on?

    A- Rainbow Investigations first of all, wants to express our sincere disappointment with the recent turn of events involving our industry and the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board (AEUB).  Unfortunately, there are no firm guidelines in Alberta about what kind of files are appropriate for a PI Agency to take on.  It is strictly left to the judgment of the individual Agency. 

    Rainbow Investigations has alway been very clear about where we stand on such issues as to what files we take on.  All of our files must involve either legal proceedings, or have the real potential of legal proceedings..

    Q - On Maintenance Enforcement investigations - can you determine if my former spouse is working & if so where? What about the "underground economy"?

    A - If the person being investigated is working in a proper employment job, this can be determined fairly easily. If the person is working "under the table", all we can do is surveillance & observe the activities. Our experience indicates that "home based" employment is the most challenging to uncover.

    Q - Does Rainbow Investigations pursue investigations involving the well being of children living with a hostile former spouse?

    A - We have been asked, and have completed successfully several investigations where we have observed the lifestyle of custody parents for non-custodial parents.

    Q - Does Rainbow Investigations handle infidelity investigations?

    A - Recently we have had a number of these types of cases - we have the expertise to do these cases well!

    Q - Would Rainbow Investigations check up on a fantasy "sweetheart" from my high school days?

    A - Sorry - the short answer is no. Rainbow Investigations turns down a number of these types of requests. Rainbow Investigations will only undertake professional cases, which involve either ongoing or potential legal matters. We do not do curiosity checks, nor do we do any investigating for political purposes.

    Q - Does Rainbow Investigations have contacts with lawyers?

    A - Rainbow Investigations has been a non-lawyer member of the Alberta Civil Trial Lawyers. As well, Rainbow Investigations has had dealings & contacts with individual lawyers practising in family law, debt collections, labour law, corporate law and of course civil litigation and personal injury.

    Q - Why does Rainbow Investigations get involved in investigating consumer scams like weight loss scams and other health fraud issues when the Company gets no compensation for such investigations?

    A - Ron Reinhold, the President of Rainbow Investigations, has a fair amount of knowledge & contacts in this investigative area from his days as a Health Canada inspector. Rainbow Investigations, along with many other health professionals throughout Canada and the U.S., do have concerns that the current Canadian regulatory system in this area is weak and unwittingly encourages health fraud.

    From a personal moral perspective, Rainbow Investigations, in association with other concerned Canadians, is trying to fill some of the current void by reporting and investigating the more obvious Canadian based scams out there.

    We believe we have helped many consumers avoid these scams. Rainbow Investigations has repeatedly followed up with various Canadian Ministers of Health on numerous occasions about the need to strengthen the Health Canada field compliance / enforcement system in this area (known as The Inspectorate).

    **If you have a question that is not answered above, please contact us at

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