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    Rainbow Investigations

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    Rainbow Investigations is the registered trade name of Rainbow Investigative and Para-Legal Services Inc.  Rainbow Investigations has been operating as a licensed, and bonded Private Investigation Agency in Alberta since May of 2000.

    Rainbow Investigations started modestly in 2000, but has grown steadily in influence, and size. Since 2005, Rainbow Investigations has branded itself very uniquely as a top notch legal investigation firm. Today, almost everything Rainbow Investigations does somehow involves the law.

    The Business Office of Rainbow Investigations is in Calgary, just west of Stampede Park, in the "Beltline" area of Calgary. We are conveniently located close to the major courthouses for Southern Alberta, and much of Calgary ’s legal community.

    The President, sole Director, and Chief Investigator of Rainbow Investigations is Mr. Ron Reinhold.  Mr. Reinhold has been an investigator for 26 years.  To read a bio of Mr. Reinhold, click here.

    Rainbow Investigations is an accreditated business member of the Southern Alberta Better Business Bureau, a member of the Alberta Association of Private Investigators, and a member of the Investigators of America. Our business rating within the Better Business Bureau system is "A+". Click here for contact information of these fine organizations.

    As well, Rainbow Investigations has always had a huge interest in uncovering scams, and reducing consumer fraud.  We believe when planned fraud and scams are exposed to the public in a strategic pro-active manner - this helps consumers make better choices.  We have traditionally provided consumer information through our webpage, and through our availability to give presentations on this topic, such as our "Don't get Scammed" series of presentations through the Calgary Public Library in early 2013.

    When a new scam or a consumer fraud hits the public, it is not unusual for us to get calls from local media, asking what the background or history to the fraud is.  How rewarding it is for us to be considered such a dependable and reliable source of information!

    As of 2016, the consumer fraud areas still hitting Alberta residents the hardest apear to be real estate / mortgage fraud scams, which include both equity market promotions, and residential real estate, various investment schemes, and construction / home renovator scams.


    - Recent Cases Of Rainbow Investigations –

    Real Estate Fraud and Blatant Mortgage Fraud

    Rainbow Investigations is unquestionably Calgary’s most effective and most thorough service when it comes to real estate fraud on behalf of victims. We have now serviced over 100 clients since 2008 in this area, and still have about 30 active cases.

    Most of our cases currently revolve around helping victim buyers settle penalities or paybacks with mortgage insurance companies, and in a few cases, directly with banks.

    Rainbow Investigations has successfully gotten about 10 victimbuyers 100% out of having to pay a deficiency judgment to either a bank or an insurance company. In numerous other cases, Rainbow Investigations has significantly mitigated the potential loss victimbuyers may have had in these matters.

    We are a fraction of the cost of other alternatives for someone caught in mortgage fraud. Furthermore, we are probably the most effective service in Calgary, bar none, to investigate and find out what really happened in a mortgage fraud situation.

    Para - Legal Services

    See our Civil Claims page to read about some of our Provincial Court files.  See our Collections page to read about our collection services.

    During 2012, Rainbow Investigations added para-legal services in the area of consentual divorces, and we completed several divorce files in this area.


    Rainbow Investigations has successfully solved dozens upon dozens of these investigations since we came into business.

    Locating People

    We have located dozens upon dozens of parties for debt collections and other legal matters.  Recently we have located missing shareholders with an Alberta corporation; an individual involved in selling a stolen vehicle; skip tracers from rental properties, among many others.  

    A few years ago now, we re-united a Vietnamese family with their son, who quit high school and for a period of time fell into substance abuse. The period of lost time for this family was 13 years.

    Processing serving

    One very busy law firm in northeast Calgary uses Rainbow Investigations exclusivly for their processing serving. We continue to do the "difficult to find" process services of documents throughout the Calgary and “Foothills Area” (High River, Okotoks, the Diamond Valley, etc.) on behalf of law firms outside the Calgary area, and all over Canada.

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