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    Para-Legal Services

    Provincial Court Civil Division Claims

    (403) 651-9049 / (403) 245-0533

    Civil Litigation Claims Less Than $50,000

    • Construction Litigation, Landlord-tenant, Debts, Promissory Notes, Partnership disputes, Revenue Property issues
    • Evidence gathering / case preparation / locate other party / formal demand notes
    • Preparation and Filing the Claim / Serving Other Party
    • Acting as an agent through mediation, interlocutory applications, pre-trial conferences, default judgment hearings, and trial.
    • Collection Services After Judgment

    A $50,000 civil procedure is small for a law office to be involved in. Many times it is simply not worth it economically for a litigant to use a lawyer for such a claim (as legal fees could be as high as $300 or more per hour).  Many of the smaller claims in this category do not even interest most lawyers.

    The Alberta Provincial Court Act, Section 63 provides for the authority of non-lawyer "agents" to represent clients through this legal procedure. Rainbow Investigations is one of about 6-8 non-lawyer court agent organizations now taking multiple files in Civil Division within in the Calgary area. Such para-legal court agents generally charge significantly less to litigants than what a law office would charge for very similiar representation.

    Rainbow Investigations has the training and the experience in the entire civil litigation process at this level. We also have the respect of much of Calgary's legal community who are familiar with what we do.  In fact, many of our files here are direct referrals from law offices.

    Rainbow Investigations provides a service that the layperson may not be able to get easily or economically through the law office.  We are very up front in telling clients we are paralegals, not lawyers. Obviously, there are some limits to what a non-lawyer can do.  For example, we may suggest to parties that are going to have a contested trial over $30,000, where there are clear and complex legal issues, it may be better to go with an experienced trial lawyer.  In these situations, we assist the client in finding a suitable lawyer for the trial.

    We have also been successful in collecting judgments from other parties via garnishment, property liens, sale of land, and other methods.  Please refer to our section on collecting judgments.

    In conclusion, we cannot advise you whether suing is the best route, as that would be legal advice.  However, if you have decided to sue for an amount less than $50,000, Rainbow Investigations will undertake, file and complete the process in a manner that is amoung the most efficient currently available in Calgary.

    Recent Files:

    Real Estate Fraud - we represented two Plaintiff's who had provided $20,000 to "real estate investors" who wanted to flip properties to make a profit, but had represented that the money went to a conveying lawyer when it did not. We are currently enforcing the judgment.

    Landlord-Tenant Dispute - we represented a defendant who had a $12,000 damage law suit on her hands upon leaving a rental house. We reduced the damages to about $1800, and saved our client money on costs during the enforcement of the judgement

    Damage To Vehicle During Detailing - we successfully sued an auto detailer for full damages + loss of self employment revenue + costs and collected the entire judgment for our client; all of this as a result of engine damage during auto detailing

    Dog Breeding Misrepresentation - in a recent trial we were successful in winning a solid judgment against a dog breeder who misrepresented dogs as being pure-bred, when in fact they were not. This trial involved many issues, and we managed to get our client a judgment of about 3X what he actually paid for the dogs.

    Car Accident Liability - we managed to settle and collect fully damages from a car accident 100% in our client's favour where originally there was a dispute over liability, and both insurance companies initially awarded the liability at 50% each.

    Wedding Services – during a trial we managed to reduce our client’s bill for a wedding by $2500 due to poor service

    Construction Litigation – a ton of them!

    We have successfully obtained judgments for poor renovations in several matters; worked out settlements in numerous other jobs that renovators did not complete; we currently have before the courts many other renovators - some outright fraudulent. In one recent judgment, we were awarded $25,000 + costs for our client, and now have a forwarded our info for a criminal investigation

    On another case, our client was a contractor who we felt was in the right, and we managed to get dismissed a claim against him after a 3 day trial. We garnished wages to satisfy the judgment.

    Lube Problem – we settled a matter involving a lube job where someone did not replace a cap resulting in damage to our client’s vehicle

    Piano Dispute – we won in a trial against an experienced litigation lawyer a dispute of ownership of a piano

    Fraudulent Financial Broker – we successfully assisted our client to sue a fraudulent financial broker in northern Alberta; the fraudulent broker was later convicted on criminal charges, and subseqently served time in gaol

    Promissory Notes – we successfully collected promissory note debts through court ordered garnishment and collecting on binding mediation agreements

    Rental Skips – we chased down, found, sued and collected from several parties who had left our client’s rental properties without notice. In one particular case, we located such a party in Saskatchewan, and attempted to garnish only to have the target file for bankruptcy. In two other files, we have had tenancies terminated by court order, and are currently suing for damages upon vacating

    Lawyer Referrals – we have had a few very complicated matters involving major legal issues; here we have referred the files to lawyers after doing the initial groundwork.  Many of these matters are currently scheduled for trial.

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