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    Rainbow Investigations


    (403) 651-9049 / (403) 245-0533

    Rainbow Investigations is a Calgary based investigative service that has investigated blatant mortgage fraud on behalf of “victim buyers”.

    So what does Rainbow Investigations actually do?

    • Rainbow Investigations puts together a complete chronology of the events of the property sale, including obtaining all the land title documents, obtaining all the court documents, and recording all the representations made by perpetrators of these events. In some cases, Rainbow Investigations has followed the historical property transfers back on a property for up to 7 years prior to the fraud of issue, which may give us a solid pattern of fraudsters deliberately flipping properties, in order to artificially raise the property value.

    A complete and solid chronology of the events of the property transfer is huge ammunition to fight mortgage fraud!

    • Rainbow Investigations has assisted “victim buyers” get control of properties they legally own. Many of the “victim buyers” in this situation have never had keys to their property, let alone even see the place.

    By getting control of their own property, the victim buyer now has options as to how to deal with the situation!

    • Rainbow Investigations has acted as “agent” in many situations for “victim buyers” as far as we can without being lawyers, but also Rainbow Investigations assists our clients in finding competent legal advice to deal with this situation. However, clients hiring Rainbow Investigations to do the initial and essential preliminary investigative research, have consisently saved 3-4 thousand dollars and are in the same position as if a law office is hired at this point. Experience has clearly shown it is cost effective to use Rainbow Investigations to do all the preliminary investigative work, and then hire a law firm to do the next legal manuerving. Even where a law office is hired, the first steps are to develop the sequence of events. Rainbow Investigations is an excellent place to go for the intial investigation.

    Rainbow Investigations knows what lawyers are looking for in this situation!

    • Rainbow Investigations has assisted “victim buyers” in managing and dealing with the properties they own. Rainbow Investigations has worked with tenants inherited by “victim buyers”; in other cases we have evicted problematic tenants and have found quality renters for the property; in other cases we have facilitated the cleanup of a property. In one case we got rid of half a dozen abandoned cars from a property!

    More than a few “victim buyers” have complimented Rainbow Investigations as the way to work out of blatant mortgage fraud!

    By having had now ninety (90) retained clients in blatant mortgage fraud, Rainbow Investigations knows the whole foreclosure process in mortgage fraud.

    To this date, the vast majority of clients retained by Rainbow Investigations in mortgage fraud has had a benefit to their situation that they would not have had, had the foreclosure gone undefended and not been investigated. Many of our clients have had, or are in the process of, directing deficiency judgments from themselves to the perpetrators of the fraud. As of this date, we have ten judgments confirmed against fraudsters, (including one fraudster 3 times), and have many more coming down the pipe!

    Since 2011, Rainbow Investigations has been helping victim buyers settle claims with CMHC, Genworth, and even with banks in certain situations.  We have successfully aided in settling aproximately 40 files as of 2014.

    Many of Calgary real estate litigators (lawyers) have a ton of respect for the work Rainbow Investigations is currently doing in these matters. Even the lawyers for the banks in these foreclosure matters have said they have "a good working relationship with Rainbow Investigations".

    However, there are some law offices, and some people in the financial services industry, who believe that once you are identified as a "strawbuyer victim" of mortgage fraud, and the property is going into foreclosure, there is nothing you can do, and all you should do is declare bankruptcy. Really?

    Most clients of Rainbow Investigations seem to have a very different experience! Out of our 45 current clients, and 90 clients that have used us in mortgage fraud since May 2008, we have approximately a dozen people who have chosen to go on bankruptcy by their choice. And most of our clients that we are aware of that have been asked to pay a deficiency judgment to an insurance company get a much more favourable settlment after letting us do the talking. Furthermore, we have at least 10 situations now where we have successfully gotten the straw buyer 100% out of the completed foreclosure with NO deficiency judgment.

    Recently, banks and insurance companies have been issuing Statements of Claim on people who declared bankruptcy in this matter, saying that the deficiency cannot be wiped out by bankruptcy. This further tells us that avoiding the issue does not work.

    But don't let us do the talking, instead why don't you hear from our clients:

    Client A - this client was a straw buyer in a mortgage fraud situation, and over the coarse of a year, we managed to have the bank discontinue their first Statement of Claim, and then issue a second Statement of Claim, only on the fraudsters. This effectively ended the matter for our clients. Here is what "JJ and KJ" (not their real initials) have said:

    "When we were confronted with a situation of mortgage fraud we consulted several lawyers, trying to learn what we could do, and what our options were. Each one treated us as if we were the guilty party, only adding to a very confusing and stressful time. We ended up with conflicting views and we were no further ahead.

    In a short time after meeting Ron Reinhold, we realized that he fully understood the situation we were in, and was very experienced in these matters. He empathized with us, and quickly put us on a course of action. Because of our decision to use Ron's specialization and expert knowledge with mortgage fraud, we got the outcome we were looking for.

    We have no hesitation in recommending Ron Reinhold and his services".

    Client B

    If you are a straw buyer, and the foreclosure is not completed, and you have not been noted in default, we may be able to help you, despite what you may hear elsewhere! Call us (403) (245-0533).

    Once you have responded with the true facts of the circumstances, the situation allows you many more options to deal with the matter appropriately!

    (403) 245-0533 / (403) 651-9049

    Rainbow Investigations has filed law suits in Provincial Court on many other aspects of Real Estate shenanigans. These include

    • Failure to complete purchase agreements
    • Failure to provide deposits as per a real estate agreement
    • Misrepresentations of property

    Real Estate Investment Opportunity Investigations

    Hire Rainbow Investigations to check out real estate investment opportunities BEFORE you sign the dotted line! Is the opportunity a legitimate real estate trust, or is it a scam?

    For $750, you receive the following:

    • Complete historical property searches on all offered properties
    • Realtor market survey of real value of properties offered
    • Complete background checks on the opportunity salespeople (criminal and litigation searches)
    • Any and all regulatory requirements researched with the opportunity

    Researching the opportunity prior to signing may save you tens of thousands of dollars down the road.

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